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The creative work of Kinsley Byrne is a visual testimony to humankind's primitive – and precious - impulse “to make”. The product of this artist’s eye is equally the product of hand, and mind, each element of the triad shaping form, and seeking the hidden meaning within such manifestation.


The starting point? Nature - in the form of massive blocks of orphaned lumber, perhaps the result of an unfortunate Westcountry lightning strike. Yet fortune will emerge, liberated from the grain of timber, using fists, clutching handmade hammers and Japanese steel chisels.


The unique process of Byrne is not borne of synthesised production and computer programs. It cannot be. The intent is to sculpt with muscle and sweat, hoping for a result; a result that captures the elusive, evocative, familiar, yearning, quiet, ebullient shapes that touch a place within oneself.

 Richard B. Liebowitz. Architect and Collector

Photo by John Hersey



My work explores the making of furniture and symbolic artifacts by direct carving in wood. 

Born in Yorkshire, I studied furniture making at Leeds College of Art and Design, with placements at Ecole Boulle in Paris. I worked as a cabinet maker for David Linley and after a period of working on wooden boats and restoring and sailing my own gaff rigged cutter, I settled in Cornwall and continue to develop ideas in Art, Craft and Design.                               


Kinsley Glaive Francis Byrne

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